Reversing past damage for a sustainable tomorrow

Bring Back Green Foundation, an organization accredited to the UNEP, Basel and Rotterdam Convention, is a completely youth-led organization based in Kerala. Our initiatives encompass diverse environmental conservation efforts, including waste management, sustainable menstruation, policy advocacy, ecological research, climate storytelling, and innovative campaigns.

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About Bringbackgreen

Empowering and collaborating for a sustainable future.

Can a group of young people drive real impact on climate change? Absolutely! That's exactly what Bring Back Green Foundation does.

Bring Back Green Foundation, a Section-8 non-profit company registered in 2019, is on a mission to empower and collaborate with individuals to create a sustainable future. We provide young people, veterans, experts, policy makers, and decision makers with the tools and resources they need to drive real change for our planet. From waste management to sustainable menstruation, public policy advocacy to environmental research and projects, documentary making to publishing of books, we work to reverse the effects of past unsustainable practices and create a greener and more equitable world for all.

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Key Impact Areas of our Work

Climate Education

We believe that climate education is a critical element in solving the climate crisis. Therefore, we have developed curricula, built climate education platforms, and provided capacity building and awareness to thousands of students and stakeholders.

Coastal Communities

We conduct research and on-ground studies on coastal issues such as coastal erosion and its impact on indigenous communities. They also create awareness by storytelling through documentary series, policy advocacy efforts, conducting discussions and conferences.

Policy Advocacy

As young people, we believe that policy plays a crucial role in driving sustainable change. Therefore, we engage directly with policy stakeholders through research, recommendations, and consultations, with the goal of negotiating and creating change in policy.

Climate Research

We have been actively engaging in research on ground on critical topics such as waste management, coastal erosion, climate education, sustainability and climate policy.

Youth Mobilisation

As a youth-led non-profit organization, we have been engaging thousands of young people in climate action and raising awareness about climate change and its impacts

Waste Management

With a focus on waste and plastic management, we have extensive experience working on waste reduction and auditing at large scale events, as well as conducting fellowships and research studies.

Our recent achievement

National Youth Statement Handed over to Union Minister at COP28, Dubai

Bring Back Green Foundation, in collaboration with IYCN, hosted LCOY India 2023 in Thrissur, Kerala. The event united over 130 youth leaders from across India, resulting in the creation of the National Youth Statement. Supported by UNICEF-YUWAAH, the National Youth Statement was presented to the Honourable Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change of India at the India pavilion in COP 28, Dubai.

"Presenting the India National Youth Statement which was drafted by over 130 youth at the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) held in September this year, Akhilesh Anil Kumar from Bring Back Green (BBG) Foundation reiterated that funding for youth led pro-planet startups would help in increasing youth and community engagement in the battle against climate change." - Official PIB Press Release

Read the National Youth Statement Read the official PIB Press Release Follow LCOY on Instagram

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